The Holy Ones

The Holy Ones - The Holy One clan was established by two people from Xbox Live. Austin Ennest (TheHolyOne8) and Remy Hepburn (TheHolyOne7). The Holy One clan is different from any other clan, we do what we want, When we want. Austin is the leader of Heave
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PostSubject: HOW THE HOLY ONES BECAME   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:45 am

It all started in January 2010 when I (remyxxx777) was asked to join the KOA. I joined and only lasted for one week then I decided to quit because of the leader being a dumb ass. I then started the TNA clan which did not work out so I abandoned the members and secretly changed my gamer tag to TheHolyOne7, which in my opinion sounded awesome. My best friend Austin (TheHolyOne8)was my only contact I didn't remove. He decided to to change his name to TheHolyOne8 for reasons unknown. Through the past 4 months we sat in silence talking to no one else. Finally during our Easter holidays we were flooded with nasty messages from noobs on fear 2 who were getting there ass kicked. We trashed talked back then decided that TheHolyOnes should be a clan. In less than a week we gathered almost 20 members, who are loyal to us. TheHolyOnes is a clan that is steadily growing and we hope to be the best on xbox live one day.
Founder and leader of TheHolyOnes clan: TheHolyOne7
Leader of TheHolyOnes Clan: TheHolyOne8
Co-Leader and Web-designer: xBeg4Mercy
Co-Leader of Hell: ikilledrambo187
Co-Leader of Heaven: thehitman6666

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PostSubject: bob Saget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:53 am

oh buddy soon enough they'll change their gamertage lol
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